Reaction Turbine| Defination | Characteristics

In this lecture nosotros written report of Reaction turbine, defination, characteristics, components, working,advantage in addition to disadvantage, efficiency, types,design etc. all topic written report related to Reaction turbine

Hydraulic turbine

Hydraulic turbine is too called equally the H2O turbine.
Hydraulic turbine is a rotating hydraulic machine that converts the kinetic issue energy in addition to potential issue energy into the mechanical energy.

Hydraulic turbine are 2 types
1) Reaction turbine
2) Impulse turbine

In this lecture nosotros exclusively written report virtually Reaction turbine.

Reaction turbine

 all topic written report related to Reaction turbine Reaction turbine| defination | characteristics
Reaction  turbine 

Returbinon turbine is a types of hydraulic Reaction turbine exclusively some sum of the available issue energy is convert into kinetic issue energy in addition to some remain inward pressure level issue energy earlier larn inward the runner. Both pressure level in addition to velocity is alter of fluid which passes on a runner.eaction turbine is depression caput turbine,so high discharge is required for working of Reaction turbine, that agency reaction turbine is too called equally depression caput in addition to high discharge turbine.Reaction turbine is rotating due to alter inward pressure level therefore Reaction turbine is too called equally pressure level turbine .Impulse turbine pressure level is remain same at inlet of turbine in addition to outlet of turbine.

Reaction turbine definition

The turbine which is rotating due to pressure level alter of catamenia that turbine is called equally Reaction turbine.

Reaction turbine principle 

The Reaction turbine is a type of hydraulic turbine that exercise rotating activity (torque) yesteryear reacting to the pressur of a fluid.
Inlet pressure level of Reaction turbine is greater than the outlet pressure level of Reaction turbine.

Reaction turbine payoff in addition to disadvantage

1) specific speed of Reaction turbine is higher than the Impulse turbine
2) Degree of Reaction is high

1) Reaction turbine is high character of H2O is required for working.
2) velocity of catamenia tin give notice endure controlled but to a greater extent than losses is occurs inward Reaction turbine.
3) cavitation employment is to a greater extent than inward Reaction turbine because of alter inward pressure.
4) structure of Reaction turbine is complicated than Impulse turbine.
5) weight of Reaction turbine is to a greater extent than than Impulse turbine.
6) draft underground is required for Reaction turbine.

Reaction turbine component

1) spiral casing
2) remain ring
3) conduct vane
4) adjustable blade
6) draft tube

Reaction turbine construction

1) spiral casing
Spiral casing is a shut passage of gradually reducing cross department expanse enclosing the runner.
The run of spiral casing is to distribute the catamenia over periphery of runner, such that entrance velocity is same all to a greater extent than or less it .

2) Stay ring
The Large Reaction turbine may too remain band of fixed vanes exterior the band of conduct vane.
Function of remain band is columns helping to back upwards the weight of non-rotating component subdivision of turbine to the ability identify foundation.

3) Guide vane
Guide vane is consist of stationary circular bike all circular the runner. Stationary conduct vane are fixed on the conduct mechanism.
The conduct vane allow the H2O to boom the vanes fixed on the runner without stupor at inlet.

Adjustable blade
This blade is adjustable equally per of catamenia change.
If Adjustable blade is provided on the runner in addition to therefore amend component subdivision charge functioning of Reaction turbine. This blade provided on Kaplan's turbine therefore it most efficient nether component subdivision load.
Reaction turbine blade are non symmetric.
Fluid is must endure admitted to the whole circumference(all blade).

5) Runner
Runner is a enterprise shaft which is primary component subdivision of Reaction turbine.
Guide vane,adjustable blade is placed on the runner. Runner is  rotate when catamenia of H2O acting on the blade.
Runner is made from cast Fe textile therefore its weigh is to a greater extent than than other parts.
Runner is completely inward enclosed inward an air tight casing in addition to runner e'er fully filled inward water.

6)Draft tube
In Reaction turbine draft underground is used.Draft underground is the pipage which connect turbine be in addition to tail race.draft underground is convert the kinetic issue energy into pressure level energy.Tail  race of turbine is connected through draft underground therefore Reaction turbine is installed inward a higher identify or below of tail race.
Draft underground is exclusively used inward Reaction turbine  non used inward Impulse turbine. The angle of taper on draft underground is less than 8°.

Reaction turbine example
The event of Reaction turbine is
1)kellan turbine
2) propeller turbine
3) Francis turbine
4) modern Francis turbine


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