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Pre ignition 

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Pre ignition 

Pre ignition is the ignition of accuse inwards ic engine earlier spark is produce. Pre ignition is like to detonation only it is different. inwards pre ignition fuel as well as air mixture is combust several marker earlier the indicate of ignition. Pre ignition is a ignition compass earlier spark plug.pre ignition mainly hold upwards on inwards otto wheel non inwards diesel fuel cycle.

definition of pre ignition 

The ignition of accuse past times or hence hot surface inside the engine earlier the passage of spark is called equally pre ignition.
The ignition of accuse earlier spark compass that combustion of alter is called equally pre ignition.

  • If petrol engine high compression ratio compass hence heat operate compass hence the petrol is inject earlier of spark produce.
  • Pre ignition is non occurs inwards the diesel fuel engine because diesel fuel bring compression ratio is high hence pre ignition non produce.                        
  • The effective inhibitor of pre ignition is water.
  • Low speed pre ignition impairment alter is low.but if speed is increasing hence high pre ignition chance.
  • Pre ignition audio is denger as well as vibration is too high hence it denzer for ic engine.

Effect of pre ignition 

Effects of pre ignition is real danger for ic engine because if ignition is compass earlier spark hence efficiency of ic engine is cut down as well as detonation as well as knocking is practice inwards ic engine.

How to notice pre ignition

Detection of pre ignition is uncomplicated when knocking is compass as well as pre ignition audio is created as well as too engine is vibrating.

what practice you lot hateful past times pre ignition?

Pre ignition is the ignition of petrol or fuel earlier spark is produce.

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