Petrol / Si Engine

Petrol engine 

Petrol engine is prepare by  sce.otto inwards 1862.    
Fuel used inwards petrol engine is Petro or gas.  
Petrol engine fuel is burn downward using spark plug therefore this engine is besides called equally spark ignition engine (si engine)
In petrol engine the inlet valve is inwards the petrol+air.In petrol engine used Mixture of air in addition to fuel , this mixture is homogeneous.
Combustion of petrol engine is smoothen in addition to tardily than diesel fuel engine.
Compression ratio of petrol engine is 5 to10  this is depression than diesel fuel engine. therefore petrol engine thermal efficiency is lower than Diesel engine. 
  • Maintaince is less required inwards petrol engine
  • Thermal efficiency is depression of petrol engine because petrol engine bring depression value of compression ratio than diesel fuel engines              
  • Flywheel required of petrol engine is small-scale than diesel fuel engine                                                   
  • Construction of petrol engine is lighter in addition to cheaper than diesel fuel engine                                  
  • Vibration problems is depression inwards petrol engine 
  • Fuel efficiency  is less                                           
  • Piston cast of petrol engine is the convex      
  • Pollution is high due to petrol engine than diesel fuel engine 
  • Power output is less of petrol engine than diesel fuel engine 
  • Injection of fuel non to travel required external rootage for ignite
  • In petrol engine has ii valve:1)inlet valve and      2)exhaust valve                                           
  • Petrol engine is less efficient than the diesel fuel engine at charge per unit of measurement charge because petrol engine has depression compression ratio                                  
  • Petrol engine is required less surface area or infinite for same ability production 
  • If diesel fuel used inwards Petro engine in addition to then it non travel in addition to non run
  • Exhaust temperature of petrol engine is high therefore its efficiency is to travel the low                           
  • Petrol engine is to a greater extent than oft than non used inwards ii wheeler because it requires less charge in addition to petrol engine used where required less charge in addition to high speed is to travel required.                                 
  • Cost of petrol engine is depression than diesel fuel engine precisely running terms of petrol engine is high than the diesel fuel engine                                  
  • Mixture of petrol engine is required Rich         
  • Overheating problems is to a greater extent than inwards petrol engine than diesel fuel engine 
  • Petrol engine rank off otto bike is besides called equally constant book process.                     
  • Colour of exhaust of petrol engine is black


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